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Ajantis NPC for BGII - Call for Betatesters


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I am very happy to announce that the English version is complete. Alphatests were plenty, so I call for beta-testers for both language versions!


If you are interested, please register at Rosenranken. You will be granted access to a hidden forum where I also link the current versions for download. (Quick edit for the registering: We have a problem with spambots trying to register currently, so please choose a good member name and preferably not an email address at a spambot-server. Newly registered accounts we identify as spambots are manually deleted currently. In case this happens to you please drop me a PM, and I apologize in advance. Please also note that the forum does not accept an email address from yahoo.)


If you want to test but do not wish to register at Rosenranken, please PM me here at G3 or any other English IE-modding site I am registered at and I will send you a link. Depending on how many of you prefer this I will consider asking for a playtesting forum here.


Beta testers should be able to enjoy a mod despite any possible bugs that may arise. You don't need a clean install, but if you use other mods please post your WeiDU.log so I know which ones are there. I would advice that you only include other mods where you know the install should be stable. I will try to fix bugs as soon as possible, so the Ajantis mod should be installed last to make it possible to update it easily. Needed game is SoA with ToB installed, although there is no ToB content yet.


For reporting, it would be best if you could give me a short description of what Ajantis said and in which situation. I do not expect a BGII walkthrough, but a short notice of the situation the dialogue or interjection occurred in and the first sentence of Ajantis' text.


I am very interested in your feed back concerning the contents, and also if you find typos or grammar glitches (or simply weird phrasings I might have added after proof readings.)


Thank you in advance to all who have interest!

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