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question about animations


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When a char is held, they get this weird red and mostly white animation over their heads which to my mind looks more like gymnasium studies view of atomic theory more than anything else. Ok. Then I have

a cleric has free action or remove paralysis, which gets char back able to continue fighting. But the

animation over their head stays there.


I assume if you could make it go away, you would do so.


And I assume that this is not just a bug I have found.


So my question is, why can't you make the animation go away? What technical limitation are we

up against here?




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IIRC you can prevent an animation.
Ok, then, is spell revisions the proper place to ask for an animation-go-away when you counteract a 'hold' spell?
Preventing an animation is one thing, removing it while active is another thing. Anyway I'll look into it as soon as IR V2 is out and I start to work on SR V3. :)


P.S Considering most similar spells don't have an animation like Hold's one (e.g. stunned, deafened, blinded people doesn't have a weird icon over their head), we may even decide to remove the "gymnasium studies view of atomic theory" animation. We'll see.

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