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angheg plate mail and archers


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I just read the kit description for archers. Says 'cannot wear metal armour' not 'can only wear studded

leather or worse'. So -- can we enable angheg armour for archers?

I have to think about it, as I think archers should be restricted to light armors and Ankheg Plate is still a medium armor. We may also think about allowing them to wear Elven Chain Mails, but the description says 'cannot wear metal armour'.


The restriction should be 'can only wear light armour' instead of 'cannot wear metal armour' imo, as they are rangers, not druids. Druids follow an ethos which prohibit them to use metal armors, but it doesn't make sense for a ranger kit like the archer or the stalker imo. Instead I would allow Beast Master to wear medium and heavy armor as long as they are not made of metal (this kit already is a little druidic). Problem is that these changes are probably more suited to mod which deals with kits. We'll see.

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Ok, just so you know, not that I am going to argue it -- I think that angheg armour

should be on the top end of the light armours, like brigandine armour.


yarpen is perfectly correct that plate mail will make it harder to shoot -- but

I don't think that angheg mail is plate mail. i.e. it is mail made of angheg

plates, not plate mail made of anghegs.



shows the wikipedia entry for Brigandine. It was designed to be made out

of plates. And designed for archers.


So in my imagination, the angheg armour is like that one, but with angheg

plates taking the place of steel ones. This is because -- having worked

renaissance faires with armourers -- our many-years-long discussion of

could we make a synthetic plate mail -- our conclusion is


a) if you want to look like a 12th century knight in a ceramic or plastic, yes

we can make you one that looks cool but isn't so heavy. (And mostly we

weren't interested in protection the way steel was. But we would provide



b) if you could have given the ancient knights modern plastics and ceramics

to work with, they would end up with something like a brig suit. Unless

jousting was your particular poison, in which case smoothness really did

matter, you wanted flexibility so very damn much for fighting, that unless

you needed 'unbendable for stiffness' because it had to withstand a mace

blow, then you would opt for flexible.


So now -- grin -- we are speculating on the tensile and compression properties

of angheg shells, and our ability to work them. :)


Which means my guess is as good as yours. ;)


So I will, by fiat, say that angheg plates have the same properties as

Kevlar, for the extremely simple reason that I can look up the properties of



And, indeed, kevlar suits these days are not the turtle armour of knights,

but more like brig plates.






At any rate, I am done showing off now, and it is your mod, you are welcome

to see angheg plate mail any way you like. Just wanted to share with you my


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Still I think that:

* as you pointed shooting in plate mail isn't impossible. You can do it, without any penalties. And that's how it works in game.

* but Archer kit is a sort of master of shooting. And should be compared to british longbowman. When standard archer infrantry was using f.e. brigandines - they weren't.


Of course that's only my opinion. ;-)

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ah, maybe I didn't quite say what I meant. I said 'I wouldn't ague', when actually I would be perfectly happy to argue. Arguing about how modern materials have changed things, and how had they been available in the past the world would have been different is one of my favourite pastimes.


But it may not be one of yours.....


So I am willing to argue for angheg brig amour made out of angheg plates, rather than plate mail made of out angheg plates .. all you like for fun.

I am just not going to get all bent out of shape when/if you rule against them.


I speculate on things like this for fun, that's all.



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our many-years-long discussion of could we make a synthetic plate mail
Kevlar? IIRC it's being used for armorsuits nowadays.


I agree with Yarpen, as the Archer kit is supposed to be the ultimate shooter in game (unlike usual fighter using a bow, who's still effective a lot, but not as much as an Archer). And for that they shouldn't be encumbered by anything, for a maximum flexibility of movements.


However I find the point about elven chainmail to be a solid one, as it's akin to light metal shirt, not a thick and clumsy ugliness of human chaihmail.

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