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Bug, older versions available?

Guest James

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I'm using a mac trying to install the OSX version of SCS v9, but I'm getting this message when I drop them into my BG directory and run the installer:


** ERROR ** [sETUP-SCS.TP2] not found.

Make sure that you have unpacked the archive correctly and

that you are not trying to run this file from inside an archive.[./setup-scs] Using scripting style "BG2"


Do you know if the download is broken? if so could someone provide me with the missing tp.2 file?


I had this same problem with version 8... if some could provide me with the version 8 and version 7 downloads then I can combine the files from them to install SCS (which is what I did last time).


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, DavidW forgets to put the .TP2 file in the Mac download. You can download the original one from: http://home.comcast.net/~shorter18/Setup-SCS.zip


but a better solution would be to download the hotfix and use the one there. You'll have to move the files in the hotfix to the right folders yourself.


I appear to have some congenital disability which causes me to forget to add the tp2 file to mac versions. (And I don't have a mac myself, so I'm never able to test). Sorry about that.

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