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Unofficial hotfix for v9


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I already posted this in the unofficial bugfix thread, but it should be easier to find, if I put it in a new topic.


This hotfix attempts to rectify some of the problems with the current version of SCS (v9).

What should be fixed:

  • Infinite potion dropping from Smarter Mages + Priests
  • Some playable characters receiving an undroppable item (including Charbase) when installing Potions for NPCs
  • Playable characters affected by some parts of Smarter Priests (they should be excluded)
  • Not able to install Improved Balduran's Isle on BGT
  • Corruption of some CREs when installing Improved Durlags Tower (general macro fixes in scsII.tph)
  • Hobgoblin shout issue from v8 (reworked my previous fix)
  • Imoen and the Choose NPC proficiencies and skills component not working correctly
  • Minor issue with gretek.d on BGT
  • Some creatures not attacking (missing dw#olwda.bcs + dw#olwdr.bcs)
  • Bandit camp weirdness
  • Various typos leading to unexpected behaviour (chase, potions, seniyad, ...)


If you are going to install the "Potions for NPCs" component, choose the "all potions survive" variant. Otherwise, the current WeiDU version (v208) could mess up some creature files, depending on what mods you are using and how they modified the files. The issue should be fixed in the upcoming WeiDU.

And if you are sure that the internal structure of all creature files is in the default ordering, you should have no problems either.



Updated to fix the typos in scs/genai/genai.tph.


Updated for various minor fixes. (mostly typos)

Because I've difficulties keeping track of the fixes myself, I'm adding the diff as well.


Updated to fix Tutu install and to correctly read long deathvars (> 8 chars).



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I'm sure I'm missing something obvious... but how do I got about installing the hot fixes?

  1. Extract SCS v9 to your BGT/Tutu directory if you haven't already
  2. Extract these files to the same directory, overwriting the current SCS files
  3. Install SCS

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I'm afraid you may have to simplify it even more for me, I followed your instructions (I think) but I'm getting this error...


ERROR Installing [Mages use spells from BG1 and BG2; mages do not pre-buff], rolling back to previous state

Will uninstall 18 files for [sETUP-SCS.TP2] component 5031.

Uninstalled 18 files for [sETUP-SCS.TP2] component 5031.

ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "scs/mage/ssl_out/dw#mage.baf")

PLEASE email the file SETUP-SCS.DEBUG to david.wallace@magd.ox.ac.uk

Using Language [English]


I'm moving all the files from the the hotfixes folders into the corresponding folders in the scs folder.... am I still doing something wrong?

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I'm moving all the files from the the hotfixes folders into the corresponding folders in the scs folder.... am I still doing something wrong?

I'm afraid I can't be of much help - it sounds like you should be fine. The best I can suggest would be to try again. Try setup-scs.exe once more and if you encounter the same problem, delete the SCS folder and extract both v9 and the hotfixes from scratch.

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Open up a terminal (console), navigate to your game directory, and type "chmod -R 0777 scs". This should recursively set all permissions in the scs directory. (Do this after you unpacked the hotfix.)


Alternatively, I could reupload the hotfix with all permissions set.

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I got an error while installing potions for NPCs it said that it could not find the item _potn52.itm in my override. I checked and yes there was no such item file in my override. I still had potn52.itm though, which was original BG2 file, no? (it is a potion of extra healing BTW) I copied it to desktop, renamed it to _potn52.itm, and put it in my override. Voila! The component and all others got installed!


I am not sure if I did a right thing though, what do you think? I have no modding experience, mind you, just using common sense. :)

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Hear hear, ofcourse, easy TuTu, my override has all item and cre files converted into TuTu forms which starts with '_', but somehow _potn52 was not there, (all other potions were converted and there) I am not sure why? I think I have fixed my problem, but wanted to have a professional's opinion on this one.

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