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Polish translation thread


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Little information thread (polska wersja na forum "Tawerna Hrothgara")


Overall: 70%


Done (by categories): amulets, arrows, axes, belts, blunt weapons, bolts, boots, bows, bracers, bullets, medium armors, cloaks, daggers, drow items, halberds, hammers, helmets, light armors, miscellanious items, scrolls, NPC's items


What is left: heavy armors, rings, slings, shields, spears, staves, swords, collector's edition items, wands, crossbows


Also to-do:

- corrections and fixes (when translating I'm trying to fix as much as it's possible)

- V2 changes (still I didn't implemented any changes from IR v2)


NOTE to Demivrgvs and Mike1072: could you write in this topic about major changes in descriptions and whole translation files? I will have it fully subscribed via mail, so I can have always hand-on-pulse here.

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Thanks yarpen, you do have a lot of work to do considering how extensive IR's 'tra' file is!


IR V2 includes a few new or changed descriptions/backgrounds, but from now on I do hope to remember to report any further noticeable change here.


Unfortunately for you I've done a lot of small changes, but some of them are quite recurring. For example any elemental dealing or poisoning weapon now have a line under "combat abilities" to point it out, and I've changed a lot of values too on this matter.


Let's use a famous weapon to better explain what I'm talking about...


Stonefire V1

THAC0: +2 bonus

Damage: 1D8 + 2, +1D6 fire damage


Stonefire V2

Combat Abilities:

Flaming: creatures struck suffer 1D4 additional points of fire damage

THAC0: +2 bonus

Damage: 1D8 + 2


I'll try to help you as much as I can! :thumbsup:

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Here's some diffs comparing the v2 item_descriptions.tra with both the one included in the v1 package and the one from the last v1 hotfixes (October 19), as I'm not sure which you started translating from. You should be able to use the appropriate one to automatically update your untranslated strings and as a guide for changes to already translated ones. Give a shout if you need help with this - I'm still fairly new to using them myself, but they do seem quite handy.



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