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stupid area question


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I am reusing a tis for a different area (kind of a dream sequence). I changed the are file accordingly, the others I let use the original ones.


Where do I specify that the travel triggers to te worldmap should not be active? I looked at the are file in DLTCEP but don't see it. I see only the travel triggers to the other areas which are wanted, but I don't find how I delete the travel region at teh corner of the map which goes to the worldmap.

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Anything that edits BMPs and can preserve the indexed palette (search maps have a special limited palette). Find the cyan or whatever regions that indicate a world map transition and change them to the appropriate color (based on whatever else the search map is using).


NI should allow you to view and export the search map; I'd have thought DLTCEP would have let you edit it since it's supposed to be so awesome super hot.

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NI gives the error message "error reading AR1200SM.bmp - data/AREA1200.bif not found. Does anyone know what that means and how I can change it?


Thank you for the information, I guess DLTCEP will be able to help me as soon as I am able to actually load the SM.bmp.


The .wed gives the same error message.


EDIT: OK, never mind. I can edit it from another SoA install ( the Tutu one, to be precise).

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NI gives the error message "error reading AR1200SM.bmp - data/AREA1200.bif not found.
That usually means your .ini file is wrong or you don't have a full install (the WEDs, TISs, and BMPs, as well as local ambient sounds, all live in compressed BIFFs normally on the CDs).
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It was a full install originally but the 4th or so copy into a different folder, maybe that was the problem.


Any way, it seems to be solved now although my eyes are watering of changing all those small "14"s ("EXIT") into "7"s ("stone") in a green grid.

Thank you again for your help.

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