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Slime quest bug

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Which game are you playing (BG1, Tutu, BGT)?


What is the value of "C#Q01_TulborGotElixiers" in your game?

The item name is "C#Q01003" in case you want to cheat it in.


If you kill him before talking to him (after the quest is given), does he have the two potions in his inventory?

Did you check all NPC's inventories, and maybe also the ground (if the inventories are full)?


In his script, the elexir will be created in Tulbor's inventory once the quest has started:

	CreateItem("C#Q01004",1,0,0)  //cheap alternative
	CreateItem("C#Q01003",1,0,0) //antidote


In the dialogue, I have only one state where the antidote is handed over:

IF ~~ THEN tulbor_10
SAY @34 /*~It was a pleasure doing business with you. Oh and make sure to take *all* of it! Goodbye.~*/
IF ~~ THEN DO ~TakePartyGold(100) SetGlobal("C#Q01_TalkedToTulbor","GLOBAL",2) GiveItem("C#Q01003",[PC]) SetGlobal("C#Q01_BoughtAntidote","GLOBAL",1)~ EXIT


Would you quote his text when he sais that he sold it? we are talking about the real antidote for 100 gp, not the cheap alternative, right?

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