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How to prevent rest dialogues from triggering in a dream-night?


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By avoiding the use of RestParty().








PlayMovie("name of the movie")


will do it, for a camping scene, for example. You can browse with NI to find the names of the movies. They'll be in MVE format. But you should be aware that playing a movie will probably end the custcene, so it's best to test it.

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On the rest, like, real rest - no. You can do certain rest dialogues _after_ the three dreams(check the globals), but mods like Imoen Romance add their own dreams, so.


jcompton added some triggers in Kelsey, so that That Talk(LT46, I think) wouldn't interfere with Slayer's dream, but it may've been a chapter check. In any case, worth checking out.


RE adds a timer, but we don't cut off the dreams. Sorry about that.




Happy Birthday.

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The situation I want to prevent is rest button - dream - rest banter - rest. Maybe it's one of those moments where I shouldn't feel responsible for some things the engine does.

Thank you for your responses.


Kulyok: Thank you! (Albeit for me a bit early) :thumbsup:

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Thank you, that one was helpful, I completely forgot about the player1d.bcs. It would have been helpful, to be more prcise, but I realized including checks for excluding the case of "dream variable is set, but not the mod's Talk about the dream variable" for all five dreams would be too much trouble.

So, it is possible, in principle, but I decided it's too much effort.

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