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how do you 'biff your override file'


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There must be a url explaining it someplace but google is not helping. I get tons of hits explaining why this is a good idea, and I believe my 10 Gig override file is a prime candidate for biffing, but I never get to a url explaining _how_.


Please send me to the correct url.


Thank you very much,


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run this in weidu:

--make-biff override

That should give you nothing... as it doesn't know where the game is! :thumbsup:


Here is what Ascension64 said:

You could simply BIFF your entire override by copying a WeiDU.exe to your game folder, going into cmd, navigating to your game folder, and then typing:

WeiDU --make-biff OVERRIDE

Or you could always use the End-biff from SHS. As it's a bit better way as you don't have to reinstall everything when you screw things up.


Copy Chitin.key
... dialog.tlk, BGMain.exe, baldur.ini, (Data and Override -folders perhaps too). As otherwise you might just loose everything.
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