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Looking for: Quest Writer


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I am looking for an additional writer capable of handling the short, OM-compatible encounters. An example of a quest to write all the dialogues for is shown below. The required qualifications are: the understanding of the interactive dialogue writing, adding skills, giving a sufficient amount of options, native or near native English proficiency, ability to work in the custom world setting, ability to supply and tell a very short but entertaining story, sense of humor. Some quest outlines are already provided, some will have to be designed from scratch.



Sample Quest Outline:


A small church of the Maiden will be haunted by an undead from a grave. Nobody can understand him. A PC with high Lore will recognize the language as that of Zemir. The undead was killed during an attack on his Caravan and can't rest until he knows that his lover lived. Talking to the priestess reveals that she was nursed to health in the church, and the man will greatfully die, beforehand he'll reveal to the PC that he hid some of the earnings when they passed the village scared by the rumors of the bandits (lover didn't know). He will bequith it to the Church for saving his love. Normal choices in this situation. If PC without the good skill decides to talk to the guy, he'll lose patience and attack. NPC that can help is Isabella.


PS: you can ask him how he talkedin Verej when he lived, and he'll tell you 'lover=local translator, dummy!'

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