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More praise for the Widescreen Mod!


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I just want to add my voice to the throng of posts regarding the Widescreen Mod, and for once, there'll be a thread without "issue", "problem", or "help" in the title.

I wanted to treat myself to a BG run tonight as a birthday present to myself (how very geek-y/gamer-y of me, I know :thumbsup: ), and when I tried to play, noticed that I hadn't reinstalled BG2 since I had to reinstall Windows XP after changing too much of my hardware (went a bit overboard, changed lots of stuff, and upgraded to a Nvidia GeForce 9600GT). And I had the first flickering main screen *ever*. Widescreen mod fixed that, and allowed me to play in my 1280*1024 (yes, I know, I need to upgrade my monitor now. :thumbsup: ). I also banged my head against the desk quite a few times once I realized that, to hear Irenicus' opening lines, I had to turn EAX off not on the desktop but ine the BG2 sound options, but that's a different matter altogether. :)


Anyways, here's my big "thank you" and "kudos" to you, thebigg. Thank you VERY much.

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there'll be a thread without "issue", "problem", or "help" in the title.


thanks for your kind words.


Is it ever going to leave beta?

It should have when I released V1 - but it's possible that somebody forgot to update the file (or I forgot to tell Cam/CM/whomever).


Also, expect a deluge of updates around Christmas (WeiDU, Refinements, WSM) :thumbsup:

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Guest Iolco51

I choose the opportunity of this thread to add my personnal thanks to "the bigg" and any person that contributed to this must-have mod.


For information here's my BG config:

- I installed all baldur's gate games and expansions, and the ... Then I installed BGT, then TDD.

- The Widescreen Mod was the last Mod I installed and it just works like a charm on both Windows XP and Vista (do not install Balldur's gate in Program Files directory for a working configuration on vista).


The game is just perfect in 1440x900 resolution, on higher resolution the screen becomes mostly non-visible area (with regards to the character field of vision).

Thanks to you I finally played BG1 (the odd VGA resolution wasn't simply unsuitable with any modern monitor) and rediscovered BG2.

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