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What do YOU want in a mod?


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Alright, so I was working a bit today on one of the new areas, and I started thinking.  What, exactly, would you guys like to see in a mod?  A long romance, or a shorter one?  Lots of quest-y goodness?  Tough battles, easily won battles?  Just looking for some opinions here, as the current scenario is yet quite flexible within its arc.

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well as i said before in other mods i really like to see that the romance interest of the pc is helping him/her through the hard times and that the pc should have the oppurtinity for a breakdown or just a shoulder to cry on cos as it is with the most romance interests its the other way around and the main char is always like an unshakeable rock. it isnt really realistic, i think :D


i dunno if you plan on two paths for the romance for a man and woman its pretty much work for a long romance, but i am not saying you should make a hort one. how many lovetalks did you have planned ?


battles dont matter much to me, if someone wants tough battles you can download those weimer-mods and not a romance mod ...


yeah if i can think of something else i'll post it :D

good luck with this !

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I know it may seem stupid, but maybe a dialogue or something where you could have the option of buying something nice for her (I know I did something like this with a special item for Tashia).


The difference being you will only have one choice from 3-4 items...and there might be something that she just smiles, nods, and quietly sets aside to donate to charity...

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Good suggestions. Personally, I'd like a long (or a fairly a complicated) romance. 1 or 2 quests, especially if they're romance related, wouldn't go astray, either. As for battles, I don't care much about them. I prefer NPC interaction to endless, mindless, destruction anyway.



Though I don't mind a bit of mindless destruction! :D

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I agree with Eyreequel and Bri, these were my ideas, as well. They just beat me to them :D


As much as I like some of the other romances out there, they are all decidedly selfish. They whine about their problems and expect your selfless devotion, or it's all over.



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I know this has kinda been done to death with the Viconia romance, but a love-hate relationship?  


Tabiya hates the PC first (she hates his socks or something) then a quest intiates where it's something to do with her...yada yada...she ends up liking the PC?


Just a thought.

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Just heard about Tabiya.


I have a soft spot for Paladins as my first character in BG1 was a Paladin and I played him all the way through to TOB.


Will she have a personalised kit or one of the standard kits? I found Undead Slayer to be a very good choice in SOA given the plethora of vampires.


Will you be including option for PC to initiate conversation (i.e. as in NPC flirt pack)? I also enjoy NPC interaction / romances more than just kicking evil's butt (thanks Minsc!) but it can be a bit one sided.


As a final thought I don't think a stats total of 87 is over the top, we are all heroes after all, you and me and.... (thanks again Minsc) and my PCs usually have stats of 87+. I would prefer to see a higher con, aren't Paladins supposed to be hardy (resistant to disease etc). How about str 12 con 15?


Good luck.



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One thing; please no obvious 'right' and 'wrong' dialogue options! My favorite mod of all time is, by far, the Imoen Relationship mod. And that's because there is no 'I'm going to romance you' options. Sometimes you can say the 'right' thing, and you're in big trouble anyway.


Just my opinion, though. This looks like a really promising mod- keep it up! :D

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I totally agree with Cyber. :D


@ banters and romances (Don't like them really :D)


Adventurers can be an overly talkative bunch at times. Whenever I feel like brooding whether in a forest or at a campfire someone feels like reciting a poem, discussing my or his/her past and commenting on things that might be anything from remotely funny to downright boring. So the only thing you need is the 'Shut up your party as you are venturing forth'-pack, otherwise you feel surrounded by Dame Ednas in chainmail putting the moves on you whenever they reached their full HPs again.


I have never played the Imoen Relationship thingy, but being able to pick the 'right' line and still be wrong would induce a very welcome element of realism for me. Otherwise it is like a hint you would get from a fellow student for a multible choice test (1,2,1,2,3,1,1,1).


Stat and class checks would be great. :D

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To begin with, I really like the her pic. The idea of a Paladin falling from grace has always appealed to me. The drama of it can be very intense. I look forward to guiding Tabiya along the path of corruption.


As for what I would like to see, the primary focus should be the romance itself: the relationship between the NCP and the PC. Quests should be used as a plot device. Battles should be taken into the same context.


In short, heavy on the romance and interaction, Quests and Battles are purely flavor. A long romance, in my eyes, is prefurrable. I hope you enjoy creating this mod. It certainly has potential.

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I want the corruption mod. THere are plenty of redemptions, but I don't think there are ANY corruptions. There was some disscussion of making Nalia corruptible in her romance, just about everybody wanted it, exept for the developers. I also hate paladins. Maybe give her a special kit after her fall, and what deity will she worship if she falls? Cyric maybe, but with his appearance I don't think he is an option. Maybe Bane, Beshaba, Loviatar, some diety we don't see much of.

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