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How does 306 ApplyDamagePercent() work?


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How exactly does


306 ApplyDamagePercent(O:Object*,I:Amount*,I:Type*DMGTYPE)



I am using "ApplyDamagePercent("C#Ajantis",90,CRUSHING)" and thought that it would cause 90% damage of the actual HP on the creature, but it seems that for lower HP value, the NPC not only dies but also the portrait disappears from the group so he cannot be resurrected, which I assume happened because the damage was too high?

What am I getting wrong?

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Did he already have damage?

Because the percent is calculated from the max hp for sure.

If he was full health, and chunky died from 90%, then we really need to re-research this action.



You wrote 90% of the actual HP. Well, no, 90% of the maximum HP.

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I am confused - the above was a tester's report. Now I investigated and I found the following behaviour:


from a total of actual hitpoints, the "ApplyDamagePercentage"(90%) lead to the following:

80 -> 29

29 -> 9

9 -> 1


So, to me it seems more like a percentage of the current HP, not the maximum, and how the junk to death happened in the tester's game is a mystery to me.


Does the difficulty level of the game influence this in any way?

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That was it:


From a total of 80 HP, "ApplyDamagePercent("C#Ajantis",90,CRUSHING)" does the following:


easy: -36 HP

normal: -71 HP

PnP: -92 HP

hard: -108 HP

insane: -144 HP


So, for hard and insane, the NPC is chunked to death (portrait disappears). Which is kind of inconvenient, if dealing with percentage values.


Does anyone know how the additional damage for hard and insane is calculated? What I really want to know is, what percentage value I can be sure will not lead to chunked death for those difficulty levels.

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easy - 50% damage

normal - 75% (according to your result -100%)

core - 100% (according to your result - 125%)

hard - 150%, so ADP's value is multiplied by 1,5, can't be higher than 66% apparently

insane - 200%, ADP is doubled, can't be higher than 49%


There is a trick however - right before hitting the guy apply to him "Stat: Minimum HP Limit [208] = 1" via spell (not sure if possible when in active dialog, anywhen else should be doable), so he'll stay alive even if hit for 180% of current HP.

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