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Poll: Who wants to play Sarah ToB?


Sarah ToB Beta  

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Unless the early release means you'll be posponing working on her somewhat, I don't think anyone is gonna say anything other than yes to this question (the ones who do want full voicing just won't install it despite it being available, and I bet some would install it anyway, regardless).

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I actually thought the issue was more that in spite of the large amount of canon voice acting and over 9,000 voiced lines in the Kelsey mod, Baldur's Gate remains more of a written medium. In a context like this, the actual content is in the writing, and the voice acting is a nice bonus, but one you can live without if need be.

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Yes - you need some open testing done anyway, and for some players voice is no issue. Those who consider it a must, will be able to get it once it's available. Luckily, unlike NWN2 missing voice doesn't mean bugged cutscenes.

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I was so tempted to vote "Buh." It just has a certain poetry to it. But, in the end, I had to vote "Yes!" I'm not super likely to play Sarah ToB in the next six months, but eventually summer break will come, and with it endless hours of BG2 playing. And, in the meanwhile, people like mods. Especially when they get finished.

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