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Full Plate and Packing Steel


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Full Plate and Packing Steel

G3 is proud to host erik's new mod, now in beta development. Components include:


Between You And Harm: Armour System Rework


AD&D's armour system never made sense to me. Characters as agile and sprightly in full plate as in light leather armour.


Heavy armour not helping one bit if a goblin happens to hit you in the chest with a bent butterknife. You get hurt just as bad as the random unarmoured commoner.


And in Baldur's Gate II, Armor Class simply isn't effective after a while. Opponents autohit you and you them, because of AC not keeping pace with THAC0 and pluses to hit and whatnot accumulating.


Enter this rework. Light, enchanted armours actually help you dodge and take a bit of the sting out. Heavy, enchanted armours don't help dodging much. But they absorb perhaps half or more of the blow in exchange for slowing you down. Armour spells and potions are modified to match the systematic changes.


Stealth, thieving and casting in heavy armour is possible, but difficult.


Heavy armour has quite another feel now. Enjoy.


P.S. Do read the updated descriptions. They are informative.



Heart of Winter/Trials of the Luremaster note: The (x amount resisted) feedback text does not seem to be accurate all the time. Strangeness abounds. But it all seems to work correctly.


Field Improvisation

Allows all magical armours and other items of protection to be worn with each other.


Little He Knows Where a Foe May Lurk

Everyone can backstab at x2, thieves/assassins/stalkers do better. Only weapons a single-class thief can use are eligible for backstab, as usual.



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Warning: these betas use a development version of WeiDU.

They rely on materials incorporated into WeiDU v209, and will be updated when that version is released.


And true to form, a bug spontaneously appears from thin air when you release a mod. Updating the WeiDU beta broke the Icewind Dale bits. Download this fix and replace setup-fullplate.tp2 if you want to try this mod on Icewind Dale. (-erik)




Beta Links:


Project Page




Download links:


Windows: fullplate-beta5.rar


Linux: lin-fullplate-beta5.zip


OSX: No beta version currently available.

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