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This may be foolish, premature, and not the right place for it, but on seeing the "New Game" page on the wiki for the hundredth time and thinking how great it would be were collaborative development possible, I laid out a couple templates that could be useful in creating a new game, in the "newgame:" namespace of the wiki.


I've started setting up templates for new: games, plots, characters, locations, items, and capabilities (spells, abilities, feats, anything that can be implemented with the GemRB engine), and it's pretty free form in execution... I've laid out important categories to keep in mind in relation to presenting a new idea (for example, if you're creating a new character, you might want to consider it's location and any major plot events that happen to it or it influences), along with questions that seemed appropriate for each section.


If anyone could help me flesh out and organize these templates, it could likely be a great help to the project and would give us somewhere to point the people who ask when a new game will be possible with GemRB. How wonderful would it be to have a network of ideas just waiting to be introduced into an interacting network of games? Any changes anyone could offer to any of the ideas posted in the newgame: section are also welcome, a wiki is collaborative development at its best.


If this is inappropriate in any way, feel free to delete the pages, I just thought this might be useful in the end.

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Guest Astrodisiac

hello everyone. I'm a long time fan of the IE. I was THRILLED to find out about the GemRB. I'm a rather recent game art student in need of a good side project. I have the free time, and pretty good moddeling skills. I would be more than happy to create some assets for a game. This is just the outlet I need for my roleplay desires. lol. I can create the content, but wouldn't be sure how to actually implement it into a game. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I already have some animated characters in walk cycles, weapons, and a monster i did in my free time. Thanks!

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I have the free time, and pretty good moddeling skills.

I think you'll find you're pretty unique in that regard... The IE community is fairly programmer-heavy, and actually I can only think of one person who does high-quality modeling. Just make yourself known around the various modding communities and someone will grab you right-quick, I imagine. People tend to have a lot of good ideas, but only partial ability to implement them; there are good writers who can't program, and good programmers who can't write... and usually none of them can draw. Heh.


Take a look at this forum over at Spellhold Studios: http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?showforum=565. It may be a good place to start.

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