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General Character Question(s)


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I was wondering, how ambitious of a project is the creation of a character? I can see there aren't very many (relatively) here available for download, but I'm not sure if that's due to G3 only endorsing the best of the best, or because it's one of those things that is just too big to be attempted often. Is the biggest step the writing and development, or the coding of one?


Is there a general rule for how many talks, banters, responses, etc should be included? Maximums or minimums, etc

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You mean an NPC?


Well, the basic concept is easy. I really recommend Ace's Long NPC Creation Guide, as it is made of XTREME AWESOMENESS!


The talks should be about as many as BioWare have, as you will seem greatly out of place. A little more doesn't hurt, nor does a little less, as long as it fits the character.


If you have someone who pathologically interrupts EVERYONE, you will have to write I_C_T's for everything, as well.


Most of it is dialogue, the tp2 and scripting is very easy, unless you are trying for a fight.


The hardest part is writing your dialogue well (the concept and how well it fits your NPC, not the coding)



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Thanks for the information.


I admit, I'm interested in getting my feet wet here, so I think I'll start fiddling around with sketching out a character by writing some talks. At the very least I'll probably be able to have one of you mod gods review my work to help me improve for the next time around.


I don't know a thing about coding yet, but since this game's a decade old and still has such an impressive following, I'm assuming there's still time to learn.

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