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Small bug in ease-if-use-ai?


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I have been using ease of use AI to help with my buffing and it does help!


At the beginning Viconia was able to buff the group but after a while the script stopped working (well the buffing of chaotic commands stopped working). I found the problem, the condition




was the problem once I removed this line from the conditions of the if statement then all was fine again.













ApplySpellRES("wesalac",Myself) // Improved Alacrity




Looking at stats.ids I think it is a bug as there is a status called SPELLFAILUREPRIEST. Mind you this is my first time playing with this stuff so I could well be wrong.

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Hmmm. I can't see why that should help, but perhaps there's some subtlety of spell failure I'm missing - especially if you've found that your solution works.


I checked again on that saved game and when I change the condition from








then Viconia will buff my party with chaotic commands (the mage buffing has always been fine). She does not buff the party when I leave it coded in the original way.


Form the file stats.ids the two constants have different values






The questions for me are


1) why is spell casting failure treated different ly for mages and priest by the engine. But okay that is how it seems to work

2) why your script ever worked for priest I dunno. But clearly it did for me and does for other also. Wierdness in the infinity engine is all I can say.



It seems to me that for priest spell buffs the condition should be





By the way I took your script and changed it and now I have a very nice buffing script, which only work for my party, and it really made the game more pleasant for me, buffing was sooo boring! So thanks a lot for the script a big help in my pleasure playing the game.


I had to turn off your smart AI as it slowed down my machine to much. Booo

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