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SCS2-AI question

Strontium Dog

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How does the SCS2 AI work? Do you have several different ways of casting spells for certain types of NPCs or do all liches start off casting the exact same spells at every fight?


I'm asking, because there are a number of standard strategies which are used regularly by players to overcome enemies and I was hoping that they would all potentially be countered(eg:- using non-detection plus improved invisibility on enemy-mages to counter a player's attempt to use true sight/true seeing - (Spell-Revisions mod makes non-detection finally powerful enough to counter illusion-banning spells, as it should be). Another tactic I've used in the past is to just shove Viconia forward towards enemy mages and equip her with an item providing even more magic-resistance - would an enemy-mage be likely to cast lower resistance at any magic-resistant NPCs?

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Well, they don't cast things if you are immune to it, so yes, they would be casting things like Sunfire and Lower Magic Resistance if you are protected from Magic. Warriors with magic weapons will not attack someone with PfMW and FireShield: X up, and so on.


If you are protected from Energy, you might find that they won't cast much at you, but instead try to take down your defences before handing your rear back to you.


They will cast the same buffs, most of the time, however.



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I'm glad to hear it. I must admit I'm rather impressed with the whole SCS-AI. Even gibberlings are pretty fearsome, now, at 1st level.The Dark-Side Kobold upgrade seems to be a bit overpowered, thugh, to be honest.


This is a common (though not universal) view. It's dependent (amongst other things) on what level you usually are when you go to the mines. I'm usually level 2-3; it's probably pretty lethal if you're L1.

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