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Summons suggestion

Strontium Dog

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Just wanted to thank you forc reating more interesting summoning-spells, with corrections/new monsters etc. I also wanted to recommend a new level 9 spell for future release, namely "Summon Marilith" spell. A Marilith is 2nd-in-command of demons, below a Balor, and since there is already an equivalent "summon pit-fiend" spell (ie the Gate spell)(pit-feinds are the highest-level devils), a summon marilith spell wouldn't be out-of-place. Of course, a summon balor spell might be considered more appropriate. Also, since we already have summon (fallen) planetar, how about summon solar or summon fallen solar?


I'd also love to see the shroud of flame level 5 spell introduced - it is already in spell-pack, but , foolishly, the modder in question replaced the oracle spell with it, so that, if one plays with sword coast stratagems 1 or 2, then hostile mages repeatedly cast this spell on themselves, they get fried.

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I also wanted to recommend a new level 9 spell for future release, namely "Summon Marilith" spell. A Marilith is 2nd-in-command of demons, below a Balor...
Wouldn't that make the "Summon Marilith" spell 8th level then, as Gate is 9th(Pit Fiend), as Cacofiend is 7th level spell...


It could be nice.

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It's obviously not a priority of mine, but I had in mind something similar.


It's actually quite complicate to determine the appropriate spell level for a Marilith as she is more powerful than Glabrezus, but more weak than Pit Fiends. Her stats might be "adjusted" to be used as an 8th level spell, but Summon Fiend already summons a Demon. It would be more interesting imo to tie the summoned creature to caster's alignment. Legal/Neutral Evil casters may summon a Bone Devil, and Chaotic casters the current Glabrezu. The chaotic "equivalent" of a Pit Fiend would be the Balor.

Finally, I do think good-aligned casters shouldn't be able to summon these creatures...


Planetars are already uber-powerful summons imo, and Solars are way too powerful to be summoned even by an HLA. I know Planetars are slightly less powerful than Pit Fiends, but I've done it intentionally, as they are fully controllable instead of uncontrollable bloodthirsty creatures.


Shroud of Flame may is an interesting spell, but adding spells is really not a priority, especially if they belong to a school which is already well represented like Evocation. We'll see.

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Actually, checking the AD&D 2nd edition stats for the Marilith, the Marilith is a better fighter than the Balor, not least because it has 6 arms so can fight more times per round.
Being a better fighter doesn't mean being a more powerful character, and I said Balors are more powerful, not better fighters. That being said I'm not even sure she is a better fighter, she has more attacks per round but the Balor's attacks are vorpal, he has a powerful permanent flaming aura, and can't be hit by +2 enchanted weapons.
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