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Paladin Patch


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"The MTS Crapppack v2" has the following component:


7. Paladin Patch


From Falkentyne:


Earlier, I was fighting poison, vampire mists and wandering horrors, and to MY horror , my Paladin was running away in PANIC.


Well...aren't Paladins supposed to be IMMUNE to fear at level 2+?


Not knowing how to access the kits in Nearinfinity (anyone know?), I decided to tweak the Innate Protection from Evil spell (Spcl213).


What I did was:

1) Added: Immune to Effect: Panic

2) Added: Immune to Effect: Morale Break


I neither know, nor care, really, if one of the Paladin kits allows this natively--Paladins should never be able to suffer fear/panic.

But hopefully, this spell won't break any innate ability of another kit.


In addition, a Paladin is always supposed to be protected from Evil,

So the spell expiring after ONE TURN is just absurd: but since it can be cast on anyone, this had to be changed around a bit.

MTS Crappack Download-Link


Is this more a tweak or why is this not fixed with BG2 Fixpack?


Greetings Leomar

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I do not think Paladins are supposed to be immune to fear at level 2. It is not a bug that they are not immune in BG2, at least.

Cavaliers get immunity to fear and morale failure at level 1, but they are the only ones.


Possibly this is from 3e rather than 2e?

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