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Additional gender fixes


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With Fixpack installed there are still two drow females who have incorrect genders assigned to them and thus cast spells with a male voice. They are chevil07.cre and drofod02.cre

I make no promises about these being all the remaining cases of male sounding females, but they are the only two spellcasting cases I found.


Additionally, drofod02.cre is assigned male at 0x237 (sex), though I do not know if this actually matters for anything, or if fixpack changes similar cases merely for the sake of being thorough.


I have not bothered with checking the male mismatches I found, since I'm not aware of any cases of female sounding males.


Anyone wishing to fix this can add these two creatures to the gender fixing list, like so:


// gender fixes
		  ~AR18ARCH.CRE~ ~override~
		  ~CEFALD02.CRE~ ~override~
		  ~chevil07.cre~ ~override~
		  ~CHICKDEF.CRE~ ~override~
		  ~DPSTAT05.CRE~ ~override~
		  ~drofod02.cre~ ~override~
		  ~DROFOD04.CRE~ ~override~

Or you can ignore putting them in order and merely append them at the end :)


If sex, non-spellcasting creatures or males matter, I can post the rest of the mismatches I found.

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