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Shar-Teel leaving issue

Strontium Dog

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I'm posting also on the spellhold studios forum as I'm not sure if this is a BG1NPC-issue.


I just had Shar-Teel complain about my helping the little girl in the cloudpeaks area to get her dead cat from that waterfall, and Shar-Teel says she will leave the party within a day, if my attitude doesn't change(presumably if the rep-score stays the same or goes higher). I'd thought that I'd deliberately changed the settings so as to prevent any party-members from leaving(via inserting correct component, removing old component) but it doesn't seem to have worked. Is there any way, via some global command/affect value to prevent any party-members from complaining or leaving? Thanks.


By the way, I killed a bear and the complaint from Faldorn came up so suddenly, that I only managed to click on the right response, by accident, the 2nd time round. I just wish the dialogue would be less quick in appearing.

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Shar-Teel is scripted to respond to the actual value of reputation. The Happy Patch just changes a .2da file that references the same number. So basically, the Happy Patch is a completely different "face" applied to reputation values, but does not change the underlying number established by the game...

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