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German translation


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Hello everybody,

I've just finished the updated german translation of SR V2.9.


To whom it should be sent?

Cool! :p Well, if you have a place where I can give you my e-mail address (I suppose you're a member of one BG community at least) I'd say send it to me. I'm not too keen to post my address on a public forum. :p
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Yes, I said to Cronox, that he should ask you, what is changed with the new hotfix for v2.9 in case of a translation. Demivrgvs, do you have a list or something else, where translators can see what must be changed in the translation he is or has translated if you make new changes?


Greetings Leomar

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The hotfix for V2.9 doesn't change any description, except fixing a few typos which a translator probably already fixed while changing the language.


Having a file with any further text change is a good suggestion, I'll do it from now on! :p

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