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Artist(s) needed for portraits


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I have a rather large portrait request that can hopefully be fulfilled by more than one person, since it's most likely a lot for one person.


I need portraits for 7 (yes you heard me right) NPCs. The good news is that I have very few restrictions.


I need portraits for:


Male Human Thief (grumpy, quiet kind of guy)


Female halfling fighter (cheerier but tough looking)


Male human paladin (serious...think Ajantis)


Female half-elf ranger (straight-faced but personable)


Male cleric human (not happy at all)


Male dwarf fighter (I don't care...)


Female Half Elf mage (A sinister smile will do...she's kinda mean)


I'm not picky on hair or eye color or style. I'm looking for the standard BG2 look to them (shoulders to head).


If more information is needed regarding how they should look, I can provide it. Other than their races and genders, their looks are not relevant to their in game content.


If you would like to do one of the portraits, please let me know or post here that you are doing one of them, and also say which one so that I can update this post to prevent doubles.


The mod does not have a set title yet but I will say that it is progressing along very nicely and is in a (somewhat) playable alpha state. Wee!

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