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Cross-engine Animations


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I am not a IE modder, but I have used some IE tools like Infinity Explorer and BAM workstation to extract graphics from BG2 Diablo etc... to import these graphics into Ultima Online. Many in the UO modding community have also done this. I am now searching for a way to do the same type thing with the old lineage 1 game. I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with this at all. Has anyone imported lineage graphics into BG2 or diablo? Can anyone tell me how to extract graphics from lineage 1?

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You need a BAM converter. BAMWorkshop can do this. Save your animation as a .gif and then import it to BAMW and save as a BAM, then throw that in your override folder, or whatever mod folder will install it.


Notes on WeiDU for BAMs:

//... WeiDU mod stuff here

//BAMs don't need to be registered by the game in some special way, like a projectile or spell, so COPY does it all

COPY ~mYMod/myBAM.bam~ ~override~

//However, this leaves it unassigned, you need WRITE_ASCII to assign it to an item or spell

COPY_EXISTING ~mySpl~ ~override~
WRITE_ASCII offset ~myBAM~

//offset should be replace with a hex offset given as the animation value in Near Infinity. It should look something like this 
//(but not exact, I made the number up) 0xf3



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Thank you for your reply, however, I don't think you quite understood my question. I know how to import animations into by game of choice once they are in GIF or BMP or any other image file format. My question is "Can anyone tell me how to extract graphics from lineage 1?" Has anyone successfully done this?

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