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Dynahier end-romance problem *spoilers*

Guest Axrux

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According to the wallkthrough:


If you hit Dy romance active 2 after getting the journal, three days or so later Winski shows up to try to clobber/abduct Dy +/- Minsc. He either succedes, and the party members disappear with him, or he teleports away leaving a bunch of summoned imps (variable by # in party) and a special imp who chants a Domi-original spell, complete with sound effects and all the bells and whistles. If the party kills the imp, great - move on. If they don't kill it before the spell is completed, then Dy +/- Minsc are teleported away.


Apparently, the imp was able to set off the spell because Dynahier and Minsc are both gone from my party. Is there any way to find where they've been teleported to? Or are they back in Rashemen now, forever gone from my party?

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