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Bug with random encounters

Guest Zombimode

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Guest Zombimode

Hi :)


I run BGT with SCS and SCSII installed, + some components from Tactics


What irks me are the now completly "random" encounters on the wilderness maps (I mean the real locations).


I encounter absolutly nonsensual gruops of enemies, who are in addition mostly way to strong for my Lvl.2 gruop. Examples:


1 Kobold and 1 Gibberling (the new Kobold-Gibberling alliance?)

1 Winterwolf, 2 Xvarts and 1 Gnoll (somehow, the mighty predator, who is more intelligent then Xvarts or Gnolls and could easily kill them, was tamed)

2 Skeletton Archers, 4 Xvarts (so, Skelettons dont attack any living beeing, but rather team up with Xvarts?)

or my favorite so far: 2 Xvarts, 1 Gnoll, 2 Winterwolfs and 1 Black Bear, who is of course neutral (no words)


Those encounters should (and used to be) composed of groups of the same creauture type, like 5 Gnolls, or Gnolls + Xvarts (the seem to work together), solitary Winterwolfs or small packs of them, etc.


I serously hurts the atmosphere. Could SCS be causing this somehow?

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The reason why you have mixed encounters is that the trigger is tripped multiple times, and so you'll have multiple enemies, saving a lot does trip the trigger, as does moving in certain patterns. So the fault is both yours Zombimode, and BGT's. If you want to get ridd of the thing, you can use the BGTTweakpacks options.

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