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How to add custom made kit to my npc or an existing npc

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Guest Guest_aeviannce24_*

Hello to all!


I've stumbled to a few problems in the mod I'm creating and I'm hoping someone could help me with it.

You see, my npc has his own kit, under the fighter class and as I scanned on some tutorials to further guide me in what I have to do, sadly I didn't find anything.


So anyway, my problem is I really don't have the slightest idea on how to assign the kit to my npc. At first I thought that after installed the kit, I could just manually assign the variables of the kit to my npc .cre via DLTCEP but it proved me wrong.


I was able to look at various mods with the same concept and saw commands like WRITE_SHORT or WRITE_BYTE and the like. Does these got something to do with this whole thing?


So essentially, my question is - how can I add my kit to my npc or any npc?


Sorry for my wordiness, I'm really fucked up with all of this...

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