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Rosenranken: "Adalon's Blood" English Release


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After several years and thousands of downloads, "Adalon's Blood" (Silberdrachenblutmod) finally is available in English, thanks to Headbanger. The install of the mod was also updated.


Adalon's Blood Modification enables the player to ask Adalon for somewhat of her blood to end the 'skinner' murders in the Bridge District without having to kill her. This is mainly aimed at good aligned characters who want to finish the quest in a good way: to discover and eradicate the clients of the skinner and cleanse the armor in a temple.

Nevertheless, evil characters may also attempt to convince Adalon to sacrifice some of her blood. There is a 25% chance of success for them in deceiving the silver dragon.


You do not have to start a new game to play the mod. However, the modification has to be installed *before* the PC has brought back Adalon's eggs to her.

More content can be seen if the mod is installed before the first meeting with the 'skinner' Fael in the Umar Hills.

If the Mod was installed before the first entering of the Drow city, there is (beside fighting it) an additional possibility to defeat the Aboleth.


Download: Adalon's Blood - Silberdrachenblutmod von Gandalf the white, version 2


Follow the link to find also OSX and Linux versions.

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