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Saemon problem


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I've not found anything about it, so I'll report the following:


Gamers problem:

So I am out just from the home and should get the horn for Saemon. After I had this, I have appealed to him. Actually, the next scene would have to play before the ship, but I was "teleported" with him in the middle of the tavern. Then he talks with the pirate's chief who is not to be seen at all and then he is unaccessible. What do?

Another Gamers solution:

The problem is, if one gives the horn to Saemon, one is not teleported on the ship, but in the tavern, so that the game does not go on.

The solution is actually easy: If one gets of Saemon in the tavern the order to steal the pirate's horn, one must absolutely wait, until he has left the tavern, before one himself goes outward. If one goes out before Saemon, Saemon stands in the next visit still in the tavern and not in the pier and the next sequence has the above mentioned mistake.

Is this fixed with "BG2 Fixpack"?


Greetings Leomar

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