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Mod help, for a halfdrow character


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Hello there!


I have loved baldur's gate 2 since I first played it years ago. I love playing with mods but I am unable to mod due to lack of time, and real life. I am however working with my girlfriend in writing two npc mods a female halfdrow romance mod. Also I will be working on a elvin ranger but I will be breaking this elf down into a subspieces of elf I just dont know what one yet. Anyways I am hoping there is a modder and artist interested in picking these up for coding and design as well as input and ideas. If anyone is interested please PM me or email me.

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Welcome to G3, Greendagger9900! In general in the IE communities, there's an oversupply of writers and not as many coders to go around. You might be better off learning a little coding for yourself, there's lots of excellent tutorials available here and at the other fora.


You may well be able to recruit a coder to help you though, as there are thioose who will jump into a project you're interested in. It might be a good idea to discuss some of your ideas here or on one of the other communities so potential coders can get an idea of what kind of mod you're looking to write.

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Read Ace's Very Long NPC Creation Guide, and you will find out that coding is the easy but long part, and after a while you can write .D dialogue (the longest part) faster than you can write/roleplay these characters.


Still, I would be happy to code a couple of dialogues if you sent me them in a PM, but as far as main projects go, I have my hands tied.



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Ok thanks, we will have a look at the modding tutorials when we get back from out trip to england. If we still cant get it we will see about recruiting a coder. Thank you for your offer as well to code some of the dialogues, we may take you up on that in the near future as we get flirts and conversations done. We just thought that people seemed intrested in drows in smi-evil mods. So we thought perhaps a halfdrow half avain elf

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