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Lothander and Orc Attack in Baldur's Gate

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Hi Jastey,


- Windows version.


I don't know if this is possible or if the issue I will describe here is from BGQE. I've posted it in SHS too.


Lothander, gives you a quest (Chapter 5) where you are poisoned and you need to find an antidote (Geas scroll and Marek thing).


At first time, I told him that I don't agree with him and that I don't accept the quest (so no quest in diary). After returning from Werewolf's Isle, passing days my PC/NPCs were autokilled (by the poisoned issue).


So... I go to speak to Lothander, but he doesn't give me the option to accept the quest. He only speaks and gives me the quest about Orc Attack in Baldur's Gate. After that, he does not talk to me. So the players are killed anyway. I could avoid that adding to my savegame HELPLOTHANDER variable to 1.


I don't know if this issue is from BGQE v4.1, but I tell it to know.



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Orc Attack? That sounds like BGQE, but I am not aware of having changed Lothander's dialogue. Let me investigate..


EDIT: No, this is not BGQE. The Dialogue of Lathander doesn't get changed at all. BGQE creates a character that spreads the rumour about an orc attack in Baldur's Gate, but it's an own creature file, with an own dialogue and death variable.

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