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Detect alignment says its globe of invulnerability

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Sorry, but your problem description is very short and I don't understand, what do you mean exactly. Can you explain it a little bit more?


My questions are:

- When you use Detect Alignment you're standing near an NPC or is nobody there and you get the Globe of Invulnerability message

- What means in the beginning, perhaps Irenicus Dungeon 1. level only?

- By using a scroll you get the message everywhere and everytime?


Greetings Leomar

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And it could be that the mage/target has globe of invulnerability, so he is immune to the spell effect... That should not be fixed as it's not a bug... Even the GoI spell description says it does this, in a round about way though.



The Cambion in the first dungeon has GoI, it's made by the machine in the room, if you meant that...

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I think TinyMage means that if you try to read the in-game item description for a Know Alignment scroll, you get the description for Globe of Invulnerability.


The same bug is reported in another forum here at G3 by someone else:



FYI, the problem I found is with the second level spell "Know Alignment". The description of the spell displays the description for "Minor Globe of Invulnerability". In game, the scroll does cast "Know Alignment". I just tested this. The spell description for Minor Globe reads and works correctly.


I don't use this particular spell in my games. I don't know where the problem got introduced, but I don't expect it to cause any problems for my game. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved in the future. At the moment, I do not plan to reinstall a clean game. Here is my WeiDu log:


[his WeiDU.log follows]


I don't know what the cause of this bug is, but I doubt it's the Fixpack, at least not the newest version (with Hotfixes) since I have Fixpack installed, and the description for Know Alignment is correct.

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No, it is the Fixpack v6 (sans hotfixes). Transposed digits for a string update caused the Know Alignment description to become an updated Minor Globe description.

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Ok, start a new game.


Select mage / sorcerer.


When you pick your level 2 spells move your cursor over the know alignment spell.


Here is what I see on my game:




Also when you are in the game and go to buy the know alignment spell there is the same problem.

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