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Unable to leave area after killing Sarevok


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I recently installed SCS in a BGT install. First of all, my compliments to DavidW for this mod, one the few tactical mods that make the game more challenging without allowing the computer to cheat big time. However, i've run into a nasty bug. After killing Sarevok and his cronies (great fight now, btw!), i am unable to leave the temple of Bhaal. The door is still there, buy i'm unable to use it. I don't seem to get any credit for killing Sarevok either (I do seem to remember you get xp for killing him). I reloaded the auto save and exactly the same thing happened again. I kill his cronies, then Sarevok himself. No xp for Sarevok, no animation and again unable to leave the area. Anyone have any idea what causes this and how to solve it?

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