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Possible Mazzy - Del ToB


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Here is a rough Mazzy - Del banter...


Mazzy: "Delainy, how many more days is it until the full moon?"


Delainy: "Normally, I would say it is at least another twenty nights, but I'm not certain."


Mazzy: "You too? I would have thought if anyone was in tune with the cycles of the moon, it would be you."


Delainy: "Sorry, but it would help if there was a moon to see."


Mazzy: "Think of it no further. I just hope that I don't miss the Ceremony of Remembrance."


Delainy: "I am unfamiliar with that ritual. Doest it take place on the full moon?"


Mazzy: "Once a year, those who honor Arvoreen gather together on the Feast of the Moon. On that day, if no other, we assemble in Arvoreen's temples or on the fields of battle and give honor to our fallen comrades, to speak their names so that none may forget their sacrifice and bravery."


Delainy: "There are similar customs among werewolves, except we gather in the light of the full moon, and raise our voices in honor of those who went before, while we are bathed in Selune's lambent light."

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Nice! :(

Does this mean there will be a follow up banter, interaction with Mazzy and Delainy regarding the ritual, either as it happens (not sure how that would work) or Delainy asking her about it afterwards?



Delainy: "I am unfamiliar with that ritual. Doest it take place on the full moon?"


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Good looking banter, I like the way that, despite her mystical connection with the moon, Delainey still needs to see it to know exactly what the phase is. Connections to the light of the moon changing cursed werewolves, perhaps?



I'd also join KIrving in recommending a follow-up for this banter, or perhaps adding a small expansion to this one, it certainly lays the groundwork for more.

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