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mods install order

Guest MinscAndBoo

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Guest MinscAndBoo

ok here are the mods i have



g3 fixpack

g3 tweak pack

npckit v2

tactics mod


apparently i installed the mods in wrong order which caused massive lag during the irenicus dungeon. so can sumeone plz tell me what the correct order is to install these things?

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Guest MinscAndBoo
I'd say


G3 Fixpack


NPC Kits

G3 Tweaks


Still none of these should cause lags in Hotel Irenicus


nooooo doesn't work. it seems though the dwarfs are causing the lag. it doesn't lag until i leave the starting room and head toward the dwarfs. and when i get to the center where that octopus is, encountered massive lag. and also they unleash a bunch of spells and crap offscreen and maybe that's causing the lag. which is strange because vanilla bg2 is smooth as hell and there only 2D animations.

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Who unleashes that bunch of spells? You are sure you don't have other mods??
Well, it's the Tactics Improved Ilyich component that effects the whole Irenicus prison area... So it's probably that. But the surest way to check that out is to have the WeiDU.log's content, so our dear MinscAndBoo, open it with text editor(notepad) and copy paste the content...


Are you sure it's not the ambient sounds?

Open the BGConfig.exe and make sure.


On the installation order, I would suggest to use Ascension, Tactics, (G3)BG2Fixpack, NPC Kits and then (G3) BG2Tweaks; source of the info from here.

PS, read the warnings though, and read this.

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