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Adalon's eggs

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Ok, now i usually take the 'good' path of keeping solaufein alive, getting both sets of the fake eggs, and generally screwing over the drow.


But this time i killed solaufein, and then told phaere, then she told me to steal the eggs and replace with the fake ones. I went into the treasury, took the real eggs, put phaere's fake ones (and of course there's no second set of fake eggs seeing as sol is dead this time) and then talked to matron ardulace; there were 3 options:


Phaere gave me the key to the treasury

Phaere told me to swap the eggs

I...uh...have a hunch


I chose numero 1, thinking that hey this will still incriminate phaere just as much as outright owning up, but meanwhile the fake eggs are in the treasury, so that when it comes down to the ritual matron ardulace will still be destined to become demon dinner.


Indeed the dialogue that follows is along the lines of 'oh i have one key, and my daughter phaere has the only copy, ergo you are right, she will die!' So there i was thinking all had gone swell, but then when the ritual comes it's like i gave matron ardulace the real eggs, but they're in my inventory!


She would've gone to the treasury and taken phaere's fake ones, surely. But no, the game treats it as though she has the real eggs, and so the demon is satisfied with the eggs. At this point it's clear the game is treating it as such, but i thought maybe i'll carry on and hopefully adalon will see i have her precious eggs.


So, i kill the demon and ardulace when the lesser demon lord reveals me to be a surfacer (the only good surfacer is a dead surfacer!) and pick up 'tainted demon eggs' and the whole city is against me, so i run away. At this point i have both 'real eggs' and 'tainted eggs', but on arrival at the dragon cave, Adalon says she knows the eggs are gone, so i'm toast.


That's the timeline of events, hope it helps; personally i don't think it seems right, but i don't know how far you guys delve into such things.


Of course, i think i can kill ardulace before she finishes the ritual, but that's different, point is she should go through with the ritual and be fried because i double crossed her.


Also, maybe if i did not pick up the tainted eggs, since maybe they take precedence over real eggs when adalon is checking you out, but my feeling is some variable or other deciding all this has been set by this point and i'm destined to fail.

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It would appear as if the problem lies in the fact that betraying Phaere by giving Ardulce the key does not set the global MatronHasFakeEggs to 1 even though the real eggs are in the player's possession.

The matter is further complicated by the fact that the player can betray Phaere without first having swapped the eggs.

In the dialogue between Ardulce and the demon, if Phaere is alive or MatroHasFakeEggs is set to 1, the demon will kill Ardulce for offering fake eggs. But since betraying Phaere by giving Ardulce the key results in Phaere being killed without MatronHasFakeEggs being set to 1, the dialogue plays out as if Ardulce has the real eggs even though they may actually be in the players possession.

Betraying Phaere by giving Ardulce Solaufein's fake eggs sets the global to 1.


To fix this, you could amend ar2201.bcs as such:


	Contains("misc9u","Eggs") // Fake Dragon Eggs (Phaere's)
	Contains("misc9v","Eggs") // Fake Dragon Eggs (Solaufein)

!Contains("misc9u","Eggs") // Fake Dragon Eggs (Phaere's)
!Contains("misc9v","Eggs") // Fake Dragon Eggs (Solaufein)
Contains("misc9t","Eggs") // Dragon Eggs


and then patch transition 1 of state 29 and transition 0 of states 31 and 32 in udardul.dlg to set MatronHasFakeEggs back to 0 when Ardulce takes the eggs from the player.

But I don't know how robust this would be.


As a suggestion for how to achieve this solution, I offer the following code


COPY_EXISTING "ar2201.bcs" "override"

COPY_EXISTING "udardul.dlg" "override"
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY EXACT_MATCH ~TakePartyItem("MISC9t")~ ~TakePartyItem("MISC9t") SetGlobal("MatronHasFakeEggs","GLOBAL",0)~


Another conceivable solution is to introduce a new transition in state 40 which is identical to the existing transition, except it triggers if the party have the real eggs and sets MatronHasFakeEggs to 1 (in addition to the 3 other actions).



g, if you want to fix this in your game, you can do so by setting the global EggsDie to 0 before entering Adalon's lair. To do that, you need to enable the console (as described e.g. here) and use the command CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("EggsDie","GLOBAL",0). Provided you have the real eggs in your possession, Adalon should then give you your reward and all that. You can toss the Tainted Eggs.

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Ok, thanks for all that.


I can imagine just by looking at what you've said that this can cause quite a few headaches in an attempt to fix, because there are many permutations as to how the whole thing can pan out (e.g. what you mention: I never even knew you could betray phaere by giving ardulace solaufein's fake eggs, i always used to put phaere's in the treasury, and then via dialogue give phaere sol's in the ritual...admittedly i got this option from a guide; i would've never figured it out - and even if i did, would not have known how the game would treat it/recognise what i had done, specifically because i had no idea whether the game wants certain eggs in the treasury or on my person...).


What you suggest sounds good; if the player has not taken the real eggs yet, and betrays phaere to ardulace by using the key option dialogue, then the ritual should commence with the demon appeased by ardulace, whereas if the real eggs have been taken, and then the key option is used, then ardulace should lose out. (of course, a possibility is that the player takes the real eggs, but does NOT put phaere's fake ones in the treasury, but i think this should be ignored, it's an oversight that's happened to me as a player all to often;i meant to put the fake eggs but in my rush to get the real ones and not be golem sandwiched i run, forgetting to stick in the fake ones - unless there's variables in the game which do deal with this situation too...)


But if the player uses option 2 (i think) and says 'these are the fake eggs phaere gave me', then regardless of whether he has been to the treasury and taken the real eggs or not,; my suggestion would be that Ardulace has seen the real eggs (unless blind as a bat) if carried, and if the real ones are still in the treasury then it would be at least quite implicit that there's no tricking her now/no time to do so(imp arrives in like 1 sec, then the ritual guard a sec after the imp goes).


The upshot of it all being that the real eggs are doomed either way if the player has chosen to betray phaere using the 'here are phaere's eggs' dialogue, but has a chance if he has taken the real eggs, and then uses the 'key' dialogue.


Er, yea, quite some repetition there i think, but just to be clear of my interpretation; now all that matters is that the masses agree...easy, surely :(


Oh, and i assume sol's eggs could fit into the above too, in terms of giving ardulace those, and the same order of doing things would need to be preserved for it to work out ok...but i can't get my head around this added complication at the moment; just something to keep in mind and hopefully someone else can figure it out. (Sounds like we need a darn tree diagram or something to work out what's going on; too many options...)

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