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A couple of problems

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Hello, i'm not sure what might be the cause but i have two issues that came up pretty much right next to each other. When i was trying to leave the underdark, in the area where the elves and the drow are fighting first of all when i turned undead with viconia on a couple of skeletons, they did turn over to me, but every 2 seconds they would switch back to being enemies, then back to being allies, don't understand why since i was just standing there at the end watching this happen so i could be sure no one was attacking them or anything like that...never happened to me before.


Also, in the same area, every group of elves i meet says to go meet elhan but they leave me to fight all the drow. I don't remember this on previous plays of the game, they would always stick around and help fight...can't remember if they would fight and THEN say the dialogue - that might have something to do with that, since here they just say it right off the bat and leave me to fight all of the drow!


I have quest and SCSII installed, other things are like banter pack and fixpack, bg2 tweaks and unfinished business, but i think these don't cahnge enemies. Sorry if i'm posting at the wrong place, don't know which mod it might be doing this, so just let me know if i should ask elsewhere.

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If nobody here has an idea, I recommend to visit Mega Mod Help at SHS and post your questions there. Additional you should post or attach your WeiDU.log there, too.


Greetings Leomar


The first issue seems to be only the two skeletons that you meet in the entrance to the area where the elves and drow fight, all other undead are turned fine it seems;maybe these skeltons aren't there normally and some mod adds them, so it's not so bothersome at all.


The second one, i managed to mention to davidw over at the scsII forums while reporting something else, i'll see what happens with that but thanks for the link.

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