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Can they open doors?

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In Slightly Improved Ilyich mod, enemies can open doors. Have SCSII given this interesting ability to NPCs who have enough intelligence to open doors?


'Fraid not. It's a complete nightmare to code, for various reasons - I'd guess that SII does it for specific monsters in specific situations, which is doable, but it's at best very cumbersome and messy to do it for generic enemies.

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That would be great, but I think it would involve quite a lot of work for DavidW. If I'm not wrong it requires area checks, and SII can do it easily because the mod has to deal with only a few areas. Very few SCS's scripts are "personalized" to this extend, as more often than not the same script is used for a lot of different creatures in a lot of different areas.


Anyway this feature surely is very cool as it prevent a really sad AI behaviour, and it blocks some of the most common exploits.

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