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Community Filename Prefix Reservations

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Would someone be so kind



post this request from maus into the prefix reservation thread at Blackwyrm Lair...

Well, that I can do.

Done... assuming things, that might be totally wrong, but there's likely no need to get into detail .. cause of course I am right.


EDIT: The change was accepted...

Edited by Jarno Mikkola
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51 minutes ago, Guest ArcNKD said:

I would like to use ARC-X as my prefix, if anyone is still around to register them?

In addition to what Jarno said, also keep in mind that the max letter count of IE files is 8, and for areas it's 6 (because of the light map, search map, and height map which have LM/SR/HT in their names by default).

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I might make mods and would like to have the EE prefix for Endarire Elward.  i saw it registered about 12 years ago to Emzeror.  Google searching revealed Emzeror was only involved as a tester on the Nathaniel NPC mod and seemingly never made any other projects.  Searching G3 and SHS revealed he barely posted anything.  May I use this EE prefix?


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Funny thing, my prefix is not on the list. It's L# and while I used project prefixes before (they are listed), I try to stick to this one for all my new mods, whenever it's possible. Yes, I noticed that it was once reserved by LeutianBG, but he's a modder from 2004, if I understand it correctly, and I am even unsure if that prefix was ever used... so yeah, there is a conflict "on the paper", but I suppose we should both be listed under L# so people are not confused once they see it somewhere in their game directory.


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37 minutes ago, Endarire said:

I'm registered on Blackwyrm Lair as of weeks or months ago, but can't post anything.  How to fix?

Hmm, to me, a registered user, this is easy, you just click the link above, the forum one, not the list... wait the 10 seconds the link goes to do the promotion, open the link in it to get to the topic, then just click the "addreply" -picture at the pages lower right corner and then the usual forum things.

There's no fast reply window at the bottom of the topic.

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Just reminding myself to check my email for registration confirmation that was supposed to arrive so I can register my prefix F4. 

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