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CRE V1.0: Item Slots offset 0x4e (word)


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This comes up as unknown everywhere so far.


The CRE V1.0 file format item slots section currently has offset 0x4e listed as unknown, or grouped into a dword with offset 0x4c (weapon slot selected). This is incorrect.


Offset 0x4e refers to the weapon ability selected of the current selected weapon. You can easily prove this with the Throwing Axe +2 (AX1H05.ITM). Try saving a game with the ranged ability chosen for the wielding character and notice what happens to the CRE entry.


In the IESDP, the 'Selected' really needs to be separated from the item slots themselves (with the value for FIST being 0xAh rather than 1000.), and the 'weapon ability selected' mentioned.

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