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Romance Requirements for Peony

Guest Dr. Tyrannos

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Guest Dr. Tyrannos

Hello, first of all: great mod, I laugh a lot.


But could you tell me the romance requirements for Peony?


As it seems, she did not really like my wicked Half-Orc cleric... Maybe due to his nasty character, maybe due to his lack of intelligence. Or due to the crazy things he said...


Please help me to produce offspring (if this is possible at all...)

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Hi, the matches are dynamic, so here are are what adds and what substracts from Peony's liking index based on your character build. You also can net pluses and minuses in th dialogue options:


//For Peony


//Stats: Int >13; Dex>13 +1; CHR>13+1; Int<9; Dex<9; Chr<9 -1

//Alignment: Any Chaotic + 2, Any Lawful -2

//Race: Halflings, Gnomes + 2, Elves, Dwarves, Half-Elves +1; Humans, Half-Orcs -1

//Subrace: Aasimar, Tiefling, Drow, Duregar, Sniferblin +5

//Class: no prefrence


//Skills Concentration>5 +1; Knowledge_Arcana>5 + 1; Spellcraft >5 +1; Use_Magic_Device>5 +1

//Skills: Bluff>5, Intimidate>5, Move_Silently, Hide -1

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