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News of the past year or so?


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Hi, all. A random neuron firing in my brain caused IE modding to cross my mind, and I began to wonder about the developments of the past year or so (I've been absent for a bit). Any significant, must-have updates to popular mods like Tutu, etc? Any promising new projects? I find myself curious but lack the time/enthusiasm to check 100+ mods at 10+ sites, so... if you've got a minute, bring me up to present on the IE scene. :D

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Well...could I recommend my own mods (Item/Spell Revisions)? :D


My favourite project in the last year is without doubts NPC IEP at SHS. It has released two modules Extended Banters (70 new banters!), and Viconia Friendship (finally you can have an in depth relationship with an NPC without being forced to romance her, and you can have more than one romanceable female character in the party without fearing of causing one to never speak to you again only because you chosed the other one).


Another quite new mod with a great concept is The Wheel of Prophecy from DaviDW.


If you've been away almost a year you should probably update Rogue Rebalancing at SHS and SCSII here at G3, those are absolutely a must-have imo.

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Thanks for the info, all! Sounds like an interesting year. :D Individual modders come and go frequently, but the IE modding scene seems consistently strong. I won't be modding for the IE anytime soon, but I'm tossing around the idea of playing a bit of BG(2) or IWD between other things, so thanks again for the updates. I'll definitely take a look at some of these!

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