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Lua console


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Quite nice, actually. +4 to hit and damage when meleeing missile users is quite clear, for example. And Minsc's rage being a bit better than usual berserker kit rage, since it both increases STR and gives +2 to hit and to damage. Berserker kit rage only gives the +2.


Doesn't print effects of resistances, but you can count your way to it. The detailed calculation output is pre-resistances, the "did x damage" output is post-resistances. :)

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Came to the same conclusion.


I spent quite some time hacking on it today.

Start the exe after the game has come up. (On command line, if you want to see error messages.)

Not sure if this needs administrator priviledges.

And it honors the "Extra Combat Info" option, so you have to set it either in the ini, or enable it per Lua ingame.


A bit of a warning here: I've never done anything like this before, so it probably has some bugs and might crash your game. (I don't program on the Windows platform very often.)

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Guest Mothra Assassin Destroyer
Okay, updated to add the damage rolls.

Also changed the "infrastructure" of the source.


Wow. It seems to work wonderfully, thankyou!


I'm getting a 'Target bytes don't match that of ToB v26498..Reverting...' error.


Running patched version w/ BG3 fixpack and tweaks. Any way around this so it will work?





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If you are familiar with programming you can try to find the target bytes in executable yourself (see source) and adjust the offsets accordingly.

But first make sure you really have ToB v26498 installed.

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The injection code looks for a window called "Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn - Throne of Bhaal". I don't know if EasyTutu changes the name. (EXE patch?)

If EasyTutu uses the ToB executable, it should work (theoretically).


Just change the window title in tob_inject.h:10, if you are familiar with compiling C code.

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Guest Guest_Ithildur_*

LOL, I took a C++ class a looong time ago, but I think I'd be pretty lost by now unless my memory has held up better than I thought. I'm pretty sure something like that is what's required; easyTutu (for tob) does use the tob exe.

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I can't check if EasyTutu changes the window title. Installation fails and I can't find any source code for it.


Did you try starting the game with the bgmain.exe?

You could also start it in windowed mode (config option) and post the window title here.

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