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French translation fix for BG2 Fixpack v6/v7


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I'm the French translator of BG2 FixPack. Too bad I missed that you were about to release a new version of BG2 FixPack, I couldn't post in time. :D


BG2 FixPack v6 in French (and other languages) has a critical bug : http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=13183


Basically most languages have a too large description for the Find Familiar spell, which results in a crash when you move the mouse cursor over the spell.


I've sent to Camdawg nearly one year ago a corrected .tra file, but of course you didn't have it when you released the BG2 FixPack v7. So the bug remains in v7.


Could you please include it in future versions ? Thanks a lot.


Here is the link for the French setup.tra : ftp://ftp-developpez.com/anomaly/bg2fixpack/french/setup.tra

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Until the next BG2 Fixpack version comes out, we'll include your fix in the next BiG World Fixpack release, too.




@ Anomaly

Your corrected translation is included in the recent BiG World Fixpack v6.07.



Greetings Leomar

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