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Questioning "unusable" for kits

Guest Zain

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Hello everyone,


I was looking at CamDawg's kit creation guide and suddenly got interested in making a kit of my own. The problem is with the unusable, a lot have posted to just combine unusables of kits already present but the thing is, I want to make an entire new set of unusables for my kit. I didn't find much on how to do this except looking at the offset values of items via NI then that's it. I'm quite new in modding and have literally no idea what to do with the offsets. If its possible to have my own set of unusables, how do I do it? This is what I was planning of the set of items my kit will be unable to use:


All weapons except short swords, long swords, bastard swords, scimitars, katanas

Heavy types of armor

Bracers, not gauntlets

Helmets except stones


Does anyone have a step-by-step tutorial for this? Anyway, thanks.

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If you read part 1, limitations of the engine, it should explain it for you. :D


(IE, You can't do this easily.)


You could script it, with HasItemEquipped(), but it gets pretty messy, and mod added items won't be affected by it.



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Thanks for the fast reply Icen.


I see, so it is impossible... How about the "Cannot use item type" opcode? What value should I put in the "type: field?

I kinda have an idea but its better to be sure.

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Check the IESDP, it has EVERYTHING you will ever need to know about the IE. I'll check that opcode for you as well.


It would probably correspond to the byte at 0x1c, which is your item type. You could check with Near Infinity or DLTCEP for listings of item types. 22 is longsword, iirc.


EDIT: The IESDP says that it has never been seen to work, otherwise it would be a good alternative.



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