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Is the G3 server


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It was brutally slow when I originally posted the topic, and all my attempts to post were leading to dumb IPS errors (it's been slow for weeks and weeks here, although the IPS driver shit is very rare). Almost to the point of completely useless Cam-should-just-turn-it-off-and-save-his-money, although it did start working a little better later that morning (enough so that I could work through some posts at least).


It's still pretty slow (compared to PPG, which always loads as part of the same tab group) when I check.

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There must have been some major global Internet problem this week, I've been having pings double their usual on all of my favorited TF2 servers. IDK if it was just an Italy problem or something greater. Perhaps another sea cable got cut by a ship? :D

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Well, at least this server is still no where near as bad as the BWL slum. This is the place where Fraudonius hosts BWL in order to cut costs and pocket himself as much of the revenue as he possibly can. After all, his infamous adage, "No one would be so stupid not trying to make money from a site when it's possible.", echoing through the Infinity Engine halls of modding infamy only confirms that.



Speaking of which, looks like the Hungarian marsupial is on the rag again, courtesy of an irregular menstrual cycle (awfully early this month? :p ); although still unclear, the symptoms are generally assumed to be: anything that remotely resembles an anti-IA related post.


So, nataben1314 (or shall I call you whyohwhy/temujin)...

You just can't keep me out of your fantasies, can you? 2437.gif


I suppose whenever anyone, anytime says anything negative about this trash that you call Improved Anvil which is a disgrace to the entire modding ecosystem, it's got to be an alias of mine! Makes sense. ;)


Understand this, Hungarian swine: There is a far, FAR more realistic chance of you having swindled TheWizard (and possibly several others) of thousands of dollars than of me creating aliases and posting in your worthless, shopworn, run-down, possum-infested, two-bit, unfunny joke of a messageboard. I'm still not sure why you can't comprehend this? :D


In fact, let's just get down to that, shall we? Let's analyse your incident with TheWizard with a little scrutiny and see just how much you ripped him off before anyone starts accusing me of exaggerating about the money.


First, one innocent player wonders out loud where his money actually went once he realises it didn't really go to TheWizard. The donation made by that player alone was later found out to be $100. It is possible several others like him had their money redirected to you instead of TheWizard. Let's take a conservative amount of another $100 combined from other players. That's $200 of donations in total you've swindled in just one month.


$200 x 12 months x (nearly) 4 years ~= $9600 !!! :angry::love:


That's at least how much you owe TheWizard, my friend. Remember, I'm being VERY conservative with my numbers.


Still, I'm willing to accept there is a minor chance of error (give or take) due to variance and standard deviation and all the mathematical mumbojumbo, so I'll take $1000 off the current amount (that's being very generous).


So we're down to $8600.


However, if I were TheWizard, I'd factor in compound interest at a VERY aggressive rate for the amount you owe him over the last 4 years. So add in another $1500 due to C.I.


We're back up to $10,100.


It's reasonable to assume that, from the tone of his reply, TheWizard suffered emotional stress and possibly headed into depression after that incident (maybe even lost his job ?). So let's add another $1000 worth of emotional damages, medication (anti-depressants) and miscellaneous expenses incurred by poor TheWizard. He doesn't even post anymore, so no one knows what he's going through!


Your grand total comes to $11,100 US!!! :p:D :D :D


That's how much you leeched off TheWizard by doing less than a fraction of the work compared to him. Just look at the number of old outdated versions of mods you serve. Especially the fixpack (but in fixpack's case, it's 100% likely you're doing that purposefully. I do pity those thousands of naive souls that downloaded those old bugged, arhaic versions.)


And that's just *one* person you've swindled. TheWizard was the only one bold enough to come forward and expose your fraudulent ass. (If there is anyone else out there who believe they've been jibbed this Hungarian donkey, I *urge* you to come forward and make your case known.)


I'm starting to suspect you may have even conned Bioware out of thousands; after all, "no one would be so stupid not trying to make money from a site when it's possible", right? :D Perhaps selling pirated cds of the Infinity Engine games at a Hungarian black/flea market? That certainly wouldn't surprise me, considering how your mindset works when it comes to money.


I'm amazed you have the audacity to even show your face after all these years and pretend the past never happened. What's worse, you then have the nerve to call others frauds? Did Dick Cheney teach you the definition of hypocrisy?


Then you bring up this "IA tactician" nonsense to those who have no interest in even playing this dog shit. Pray tell, what exactly is so great about becoming an IA tactician? Does your life improve dramatically? Does it make you rich? Did it miraculously transform your one-eyed wonderworm into a MIGHTY anaconda? laughatyouhk1.gif


Well, what is it? :D What am I missing here in this "complex" mod? (that's another thing that is truly amusing, the fact that you want to believe it is a complex work of art 2437.gif)


The sad fact is, Hungarian, my stories (even in jest) of you and TheWizard or of Cam rodgering your missus is more believable than your conjectures about my "aliases". Perhaps your outlandish claims as a result of paranoia and megalomania can only be accredited to the shame you've endured since your miserable existence.


You know goddamn well there isn't a damn thing I wouldn't say under this alias that I would with another. Idiot.

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