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Question about the Fixpack

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Hey Guys,

i am a big fan of all the (a)d&d games and have often beaten them. Now i found all the modding websites and want to play through bg2 once again.

However, i have some questions about all the mods.

For example, this cool looking bugfixpack, can i install it, if i just play normal bg2:tob with the latest patch? Or do i have to have a bigger mod like bgtrilogy to install this pack properly?

I always read Weidu. What is this exactly? A big mod?

And what about the other mods from this site, mostly important the npc-lvl1 mod? do they have different reqs than a normal and patched installation.


Sorry for the noob questions, but i just cant find out.


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You can install the BG2 Fixpack with or without other mods--it should work fine, as long as you install it right after installing the patch, and install other mods after that.


WeiDU is the utility that modders use to install their mods, at a very basic level. It is able to patch parts of the game so that modders don't have to overwrite files all the time, which helps to stop compatibility errors. :D


As for other mods, I'd recommend reading their readme files; it'll tell you if they have any special requirements, but usually they won't.

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I always read Weidu. What is this exactly?
In addition to what Kaeloree has said, weidu-based mod means it was built onto weidu, so for a non-modder it should 'compatible with other mods'. Of course, there might be other sources of incompatibility (like two mods using the same character in different ways), but that's what readmes and compatibilty guides are for.
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Thx for the answers.

I know its the wrong place, but i wondered because i installed the fixpack and the npc-lvl1 mod and it did not work. i cannot change the npc's, the other fixes can be installed properly.

Is it because i run a german copy of bg2? in the readme they say only eng&pol are included, but i did not expect this to be a problem when changing the npcs. So am i wrong and this means the npc-lev1 mod can only be used for those 2 languages?

Sorry for offtopic



EDIT: Lol, i just saw, there is a WHOLE forum for this^^.

I go there, thx for the help

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